Environment / Poetry

Moonlight Sonata

lying here, slightly inebriated
in this cabin resting on a mountain top,
the starry midnight is a vacuum
and I feel my thoughts
float toward the constellations.

the night air is cool
while the drinks are wearing off
and I remember a picture I once saw
of the world at night
where the lights looked like glitter
a child dropped on a blue page.

I think how destructive we are
and I wonder why more people
would not want to have this mountain
to silently rest on
instead of a parking lot or mall.

tonight I’ll dream of flying
out of the tiny cabin window
past telephone wires and skyscrapers
to do summersaults with the moon
and I’ll tell everyone I’m sorry
I cannot save the world.


3 thoughts on “Moonlight Sonata

  1. this is beautiful, alyssa.i often think about how strange it is that our bodies and minds can be in such different places. why give such a limited creature such an unlimited mind? i also find civilization both wonderful and terrifying. i particularly love how you worded this:and I remember a picture I once sawof the world at nightwhere the lights looked like glittera child dropped on a blue page.you create such action on a small scale that completely embodies the astronomic scale you are referring to. :] love.<3 welcome to the world of blogging. i'm so glad you made this & look forward to reading more!

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