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Consumerism is the Reason for the Season!

Oooo, its Black Friday! Now we can all really get into that Christmas spirit by purchasing some cheap crap at Target. This is one day of the year that I vow not to leave my house. If I want to shop cheap deals, I go online; otherwise, it just simply isn’t worth it to me to waste a perfectly good day of relaxation by spending it in line at the mall. Frankly, I’d rather have bamboo shoved under my fingernails.

But no matter, I realize that people are tight on money, especially in the last few years, so I really can’t begrudge them for looking to cut corners here and there. What does bother me however is that Black Friday will no doubt get a better turnout this year than the mid-term elections at the beginning of the month. Last year, about 134 million people went shopping on Black Friday in the U.S., and more are expected to turn out this year. The midterm elections turned out less than 90 million voters. With over 300 million people in the U.S. of eligible voting age, the prognosis is dire. It is astounding to me that people won’t take ten minutes to go and vote (for me it only took about five), yet they will spend hours in line at Victoria’s Secret to buy a cheap pair of child labor-made underwear for $2. I mean, I know underwear are important, and it is nice to have clean ones, but wouldn’t it also be nice to have a government you can be proud of and say that you have some involvement in, however miniscule?

After five days of this intense observation, I’m feeling quite discouraged. If nothing else, I’ve found writing to be a great outlet for my frustrations with this generation of apathetic, “whatever” culture I find myself living in. Perhaps this article will encourage some poor, previously-clueless person to turn off their “Real Housewives” re-run and get involved somehow in the national discourse. Or, perhaps, no one will read this since that seems to be the general trend. After all, if the New York Times isn’t getting read, who is going to read my slop?

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