On the Deficit – Presidential Debate

On the Deficit and Economy: 

Romney: I would eliminate all programs by this test: Is it worth borrowing money from China to keep it? Obamacare is off. PBS is off. I am not going to keep on spending money from China to pay for it. Cut back employees in government and combine government organizations. This will make government more efficient.

[*So Romney’s plan to help our country: cut jobs and cut services.]

Obama: I entered the White House with a trillion-dollar deficit. I did make cuts domestically to things like education programs that weren’t effective.

[*Obama’s plan to help our country: Things sucked already! I can’t be blamed for continuing or contributing to these problems! I tried! I cut education!]

Our real responses: 

Anderson: Eliminate tax cuts for wealthy. End the WASTEFUL, ILLEGAL, AND OUTRAGEOUS WARS that pushed this deficit. We can cut down the cost of incarceration – billions wasted. Healthcare costs MUST be brought under control. We are the only country in the industrialized world that relies on for-profit insurance companies. We are paying twice as much per capita as the rest of the industrialized world. Stop the empire building – what a thought.

Stein: Stop the drivers of the deficit – end the wars for oil with our Green New Deal that relies on domestic, sustainable energy. Wall Street bailouts were billions under Bush, trillions under Obama. The Fed just announced more money and easing for Wall Street. Instead of tax breaks for the wealthy, how about loan breaks for our students buried in loan debt from their educations? How about a tax on Wall Street to slow down reckless speculation and bring more money to our economy.


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