Final Comments: Presidential Debate

Obama: I said during my last term that I ain’t perfect, so I won’t be a perfect president. But I promise, I’ll fight for the American people and I will fight hard every day.

[*Ain’t was my addition, just to be clear but let’s break this down: Obama DID fight hard – he fought hard to diminish our due process rights. He fought immigrant rights and fought to deport more people than ANY other administration. He DID allow gays to openly fight in the military – certainly they can die for us – but did NOT work toward a Federal non-discrimination law. He DID increase our drone wars in more countries around the world. He DID help fight for Wall Street and the Big Banks by bailing them out and not taking any legal action against those that broke the law and sent the country reeling into recession.  He DID manage to keep the Guantanamo Bay Torture prison open, despite his 2008 campaign promise to close it. So yeah, good fight Obama. Thanks.]

Romney: ….Sorry, I honestly can’t pay much close attention when he talks. Probably said something about fighting for middle class families and protecting the military. Maybe something about America being 47% freeloaders. I don’t know. He’s just drones.

Stein: We are in a crisis as people lose their homes, are over-burdened with loans, healthcare bills, etc. But both the Democrats and Republicans are making it worse while they impose austerity for the American people but bolster Wall Street and the banks and seek foreign oil in foreign wars. We need a change of course. We can make a change. We will be on the ballot and we will allow you to VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE. Instead of voting for one corporate candidate or another, you can vote for jobs for everyone, an end to unemployment, medicare for all, a green economy, higher education that is free, ending student debt, downsizing the military, bringing our troops home, immigrant rights.

Anderson: Will we work together for equality of opportunity  Equality under the law? Environmental and social justice for all? Our nation is on the road to totalitarianism with an imperial presidency under both Bush and Obama administrations (a bad Ayn Rand novel). We have to say NO to assassinations of U.S. citizens, to indefinite detention without due process, and to drone killings that make us LESS secure. Make your voices be heard in the voting booth.

**Again, ignore my probably horrendous grammar and spelling tonight. Trying to keep up with a live debate means making sacrifices. Thanks for reading!

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