On the Presidential Debate

Right now, I’m not watching the Presidential Debates on television. Instead, I’m tuning into Democracy Now!‘s live broadcast of the debates with real-time responses from third-party candidates Ross “Rocky” Anderson of the Justice Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party.

As it stands, Republicans and Democrats, players in the duopoly that control this country, agree on certain topics to address during the debates and do not stray from these very focused talking points. This has been so since 1987 when the Commission on Presidential Debates began. The Commission was established by the Democratic and Republican parties to control the way that the presidential election debates are run and it is sponsored by private contributors and corporations.

What the commission provides is complete control of what each debate focuses on. Both parties can agree beforehand on what points to raise and address and what to leave out. This means that these two parties can control the dialogue in the debates and thus control what conversations this country has.  In the mainstream media, at least, dialogue can be restricted and defined in the small box of two-party politics. I’d be willing to bet before the debate starts, that we will NOT hear about poverty, torture, NDAA, GITMO, Drones, ENDING wars, women’s rights, LGBT rights, or Planned Parenthood in the mainstream debates tonight between Obama and Romney.

Democracy Now!, on the other hand, is bringing real voices into these debates. Voices that don’t necessarily align with the two controlling parties currently in power. Voices that are NOT afraid to discuss these difficult and important issues.

I will be posting as Rocky and Jill respond to the duopoly and bring a multitude of topics to the center of political discourse.

Side note: Please forgive any misspellings and any terrible grammar you may come across, as I am posting live and will not be able to pay as much attention as I would like to such things. I promise, to all you grammar nuts like myself out there, to return to these posts following the debate and clean up any mishaps I may not immediately catch.

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