Role of Government: Presidential Debate

Role of Government: 

Obama: Keep people safe. Create ladders of opportunity for people by investing in projects and businesses. Romney doesn’t think we need more teachers, but I do.

Romney: First, “I love great schools.” (That’s great Romney, thanks). The role of government is to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION. Life and Liberty. Protect the LIFE of our military and maintaining its strength. Shout out to God. Gotta protect our rights to worship as we choose. Our nation is “all children of the same God,” so we gotta care for people and provide the pursuit of happiness. (No word on what an atheist is supposed to do. Are we children of God also? Do we get the freedom to NOT worship?)

Anderson: Government has to keep us safe but are we safe from our government? Our government is spying on us – Bush gave us Patriot Act. Obama held none of those people accountable for imposing on our privacy. Patriot Act should be repealed and we need to FOLLOW DUE PROCESS. Obama has had U.S. citizens ASSASSINATED without due process!

Stein: Criminalizing the right to protest, the National Defense Authorization Act gives government the right to detain us without trial – these are NOT the role of government.

Government in Education: 

Obama: Yay! Race to the Top! Woo! I did good! I support teachers!

Romney: I love great schools!

Anderson: The future of this country is dependent upon the quality of education in this country. That being said, we don’t want these Federal programs to require them to teach to the test and not truly be engaged in learning and skill building. We are falling behind globally.

Stein: Race to the Top (Obama touts this program) is a scam that declares schools illegitimate and then turns them over to private charters. It flies in the face of what we know about the science of education. POVERTY is the problem here and they are trying to ignore that. We need kids to be housed well, well nourished, and taken care of. THAT is how we improve education in this country.


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