The Presidential Debate


While Obama and Romney speak of the middle class (let’s invest! rhetoric — trickle down economics) and focus on energy independence (ahem – drilling at home), Stein and Anderson have a different view:

Things are not getting better, Stein says. There is no end in sight to the foreclosure issues. Students, our future, are practically indentured servants, buried in student loans and unable to find jobs to pay for those investments in their education. The wealthy are STILL not paying their fair share and Romney is talking about changing to more “dirty” energy (clean coal). We are calling for a New Green Deal – getting people jobs in the green economy that would be controlled locally but funded at the national level.

We have to consider, Anderson says, the fact is that unemployment is at unheard of levels and not getting better fast enough. We need to invest in the future by building infrastructure and putting people to work on these things that our country so desperately needs. We need to get a handle on healthcare costs and we need to work on fair-trade deals to bolster the economy.

Back to Obama and Romney: Obama makes many similar promises that he did in 2008 but never came through on. Help out our students, hire more teachers, focus on sustainable energy, reduce military budget and bolster budgets for domestic issues, help out the middle class. Romney, meanwhile, argues that middle-income Americans need help and are being crushed during this economy. The same people, I might add, that he showed so much disdain for during this little video from Mother Jones.

Once again, the rhetoric of these two simply doesn’t match with their actual policies or actions. Romney says let’s help the middle class – those freeloaders who don’t do anything for themselves and want the government to do everything for them (again, watch the video – his thoughts, not mine). Obama says let’s cut the defense budget and not engage in so many foreign wars – but let’s stay in Afghanistan, continue drone programs in Pakistan, keep special troops in Iraq, continue drones in Somalia, special forces in Yemen, patrols in Guatemala, and so on and so on and so on (really the list is exhausting, but here is a good synopsis on Truthdig). Oh, and let’s also consider putting Iran on the table as well! OH! The rhetorical games we play!

Now, how about a little truth from our third-party candidates, Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party:

Stein: If you had 100 people in the room and 100 loaves of bread, the way the bread would be distributed is one person would have 40 loaves of bread and the lower 50, half the population, would have one loaf of bread. THAT is how our economy is working right now. This trickle down idea, bailing out banks, will NOT get us out of this recession. It IS the problem. This New Green Deal would transfer our economy to a sustainable energy economy.

Rocky: It is so clear that trickle-down economics will not work. We cannot engage in these cuts in spending during a recession. It is insane. You “have to prime the pump.” If we want long-term prosperity, and we do need to reduce the deficit  but in order to do that, we need to “prime the pumps”, create the jobs, and build infrastructure in order to get that going. We need GREEN technologies put in place so we can use less energy and spend less in the long-term. We don’t need these people in our government who talk constantly about cutting spending, we need to invest in healthcare, education, job training, and providing jobs, especially green jobs. You put money in the pockets of working people, they will spend the money, and we can start to bring down the debt and rebuild our economy.


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