Undergoing Surgery

Hello readers,

Black Cat Revolution – the artist formerly known as Crash Culture – is undergoing some minor cosmetic surgeries. I’ve been wanting to change the name/idea behind the blog for a bit now and finally came up with a name I liked.

For those that don’t know, the black cat (or sabot-cat) is a symbol used in anarchist circles, most especially with the branch of anarchy called anarcho-syndicalism (also see social libertarianism or libertarian socialism).

Given my love and devotion to revolution, anarchy, and cats, this seemed like the perfect name for my site. I hope to continue to write scathing pieces on The State, our defunct culture, and anything else that catches my fancy. I also hope to include as many photos of revolutionary kitties from around the globe as possible. (If you have a revolutionary cat – please submit a photo!)

In the meantime, I leave you with the symbol/mascot of this new site – Brother Botwin.


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