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Confirmed: PA State Police Purchased Controversial StingRay Surveillance Technology Last Year

More excellent reporting from The Declaration regarding surveillance technology being used by PA state police.

The Philly Declaration


By Dustin Slaughter

The Declaration has learned that Pennsylvania State Police have been in possession of a highly-controversial type of surveillance technology, known as StingRay, since December of 2013.

The purchasing order, obtained by The Declaration through a PA Right-to-Know request filed in February, is with a highly secretive company based in Melbourne, Florida named Harris Corporation. The documents indicate that State Police purchased two of the devices last year at a total cost of $232,772, likely through federal homeland security grant funding.

The use of this powerful domestic surveillance technology is coming under increasing scrutiny – and criticism – for its ability to “trick” cell phones within a targeted radius into connecting to the device by posing as a fake cell tower. The easily-portable device can rest inside a police cruiser, for instance, and once a StingRay gathers a phone’s “International Mobile Subscriber Number”…

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