Animal Rights / Environment

IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION from Mercy for Animals!


From Mercy for Animals:

“Walmart’s annual meeting is on Friday, June 6, and all eyes will be on the company and its relationship with consumers. Can you increase the pressure on Walmart to address gestation crates by calling their corporate headquarters?  Other big companies, including Target, McDonald’s, and Costco all committed to phasing out gestation crate use following consumer demand.

You can reach Walmart U.S. President and CEO Bill Simon during regular business hours any weekday at this number: (479) 277-1205.Here’s a sample message you can leave:

“I want Walmart to stop using gestation crates in their pork supply chain. Please know that consumers like me oppose this horrific cruelty.”

After you call, leave a comment on the petition letting us know how it went. With your help, we can convince Walmart to join other companies who listened to calls and petition signatures and will move away from this controversial practice.

On behalf of the pigs, thank you for being a caring person.


Nathan Runkle
Executive Director of Mercy For Animals

PS: Please keep sharing the petition — the more signatures it has, the more likely Walmart is to stop supporting gestation”

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