Civil Rights / Politics / Revolution / War

DAY OF RAGE: #StandwithFerguson

SAMSUNG CSCWe, who are against police brutality

We, who are against a militarized police force

We, who say “Protect and Serve” does not mean “Shoot and Kill”

We, who will no longer stand for institutionalized racism

We, who will no longer stand for state-sponsored violence

We, who believe are young people are not criminals but young men and women who deserve to live their lives and grow and flourish

We, who would see an end to Stop and Frisk and Racial Profiling and the Drug War and the War on the Poor and the black and the disenfranchised

We, who will not allow tear gas and rubber bullets and flash bang grenades to be used on OUR people – our people as citizens of the world

We, who will fight

and protest

and be heard

We, who will stand together

For Peace

For Equality

For Solidarity

We will Rage.



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